Andy Nguyen

This time, we sat down with Andy Nguyen (@andythenguyen), the owner and founder of Afters Ice Cream, Groundhouse Burger, PigPen Delicacy, and many other top-notch food establishments on the West Coast.

As a lifetime creative entrepreneur, Andy has grown powerhouse ventures from scratch in real estate, fashion, and now food. He is a master of putting the pieces together, getting the most out of his teams, and positioning his brands to build hype and deliver high-value products.

For Andy, the customer experience and story behind the brand is inseparable from the product. In this conversation, Andy discusses his passion for dance, bringing his streetwear mentality to the food business, how Afters Ice Cream changed the game, dropping out of school, and more. Without further ado, here is our wide-ranging conversation with Andy Nguyen.