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We are a news media company dedicated to giving music artists a platform to share their story and connect directly with fans, in their own words.

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Auxoro provides a platform for music artists to share their story and connect with you, the fans, in their own words. Through articles, video series, podcasts, and livestreams, our goal is to transform the way that music artists share information. 

No superficial interviews. No surface level song reviews. No half-assed playlists. We dig into the real story behind the music of all genres with transparent conversations between the artist and the audience. What started as curiosity turned to obsession as we made it our mission to bring forth the human, authentic side of the music industry.

Have you ever wondered about the inspiration behind a certain song? If rockstars struggle with self-doubt? What it's really like to be on tour? We've spoken directly to every artist you see on this site, whether it be over the phone, facetime, email, or in person, to bring you the best, most insightful answers to these questions. 

Cutting through the noise and bullshit perpetuated by so many music blogs, our platform stems from the in-depth, powerful stories rooted in the personal experience of those who make music. Go ahead, rediscover the voice of your favorite artists. The stage has never been closer. 

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