This time, we sat down with Andrew Meagher and Cody Savonen, the brains behind Mugatunes (@mugatunes) is a community of Tastemakers from around the country who come together to share the best music. No bots, no algorithms, no shitty music. It’s human music curation from people you can trust.

As an avid Spotify junky, I have had my heart ripped out by mismanaged playlists. So often, money, pressure from major labels, and other factors come into play for getting the top spots on Spotify and Apple Music playlists. Mugatunes is the cure for shitty music curation. Playlist creators, who Mugatunes refers to as Tastemakers, are vetted individually before being allowed to create playlists on the platform. From there, real humans vote on the best songs and playlists, which you can see out in the open on No shady algorithms, just human-driven jams.

I’ve been bumping Mugatunes playlists for the past month since I met Cody and Drew at a rooftop party that Mugatunes was sponsoring in Brooklyn. I can attest that these playlists are miles beyond some of what some of the other major players have to offer. To put it simply, I’m addicted. On this episode, we discuss how Mugatunes works as a platform, the beginnings of Drew and Cody’s interest in music, the conversations that sparked Mugatunes in a college dorm room, and their upcoming 20 city Blockparty tour. Without further ado, here is our wide-ranging conversation with Drew and Cody of Mugatunes.