Picture This

This week, we sat down with Picture This (@bandpicturethis), a band hailing from Athy, Ireland comprised of members Ryan Hennesy, Jimmy Rainsford, Owen Cardiff, and Cliff Deane. Back in 2015, lead singer Ryan Hennessy posted the song ‘Take My Hand’ on Facebook which caught the attention of drummer and producer Jimmy Rainsford. “Take My hand reminded me of a summer romance and that song explained it properly,” says Jimmy. Ryan and Jimmy then reworked the song. Soon, the song took off immediately and the four-piece band Picture This formed. Picture This’ debut gig was held The Academy to over 800 people. It sold out in under 30 minutes. Things took off pretty quickly.

Since then they’ve supported The 1975 on tour, gained millions of fans, played 5 nights straight at the 3 Arena in Dublin which holds 15,000 people, and traveled across the world. I saw them a few weeks back at Irving Plaza in NYC and the performance was absolutely electric. I’ve never felt an energy like that. In this conversation, the band talks about launching their latest album MDRN LV from the top of the Empire State Building, the beginnings of Picture This, the difference between Irish and American fans, Good Craic, and more.

And if you don’t know what “good craic” is beside the stuff you smoke, You know because there’s good craic, but then there’s also good crack, well then you’re about to find out. Hopefully, this conversation is good craic. Even if you haven’t yet discovered Picture This, there’s a lot of great learning moments and insight packed into this conversation. Whether you’re struggling to find meaning in life or you think you’ve found something, I think you’ll definitely get something of out this podcast. So without further ado, here is our wide-ranging conversation with Picture This.