This time, we sat down with Zuby (@ZubyMusic), a professional rapper, podcast host, public speaker, and an overall creative entrepreneur. He recently gained a massive amount of attention by destroying the British Women’s Deadlift and Bench record. The video of him doing so currently has over 1.7 million views on Twitter and he’s been invited to speak on platforms like The Candace Owens Show, Louder with Crowder, The Ben Shapiro Show, and more. How did HE break the women’s records and why did he do it? We’ll get into that soon.

An Oxford graduate with a degree in computer science, Zuby quit his corporate job to become a full time, independent music artist. Since then, he has sold over 25,000 albums and recently surpassed 100k followers on Twitter alone. As a British Nigerian who grew up in Saudi Arabia, Zuby has a unique perspective of how different cultures operate. What’s normal to you is not normal to everyone else, something that I am still learning every day.

On this episode, Zuby and I get into the mindset behind breaking the Women’s British lifting records, the modern-day attack on free speech, waxing balls in women’s salons, his music career, how to talk to strangers, and more. Without further ado, I hope that you never experience getting your balls waxed and please enjoy this wide-ranging conversation with Zuby.