Ian Kerner

This time, we sat down with Dr. Ian Kerner, a licensed psychotherapist, nationally recognized sexual counselor, and author of the bestselling book She Comes First. Although the foundation of the Auxoro podcast will always be music, we’ve recently been branching out to include conversations from other lanes like business, sports, science, and other interesting fields. I want to follow my curiosity, even if it leads me outside of music, and I hope that you come along for the ride. What better subject to explore that curiosity than the art of cunnilingus, going down on a woman. In this conversation, Dr. Kerner opens up on the journey through his early sexual experiences, why the clitoris is the powerhouse of the female orgasm, the best techniques to bring pleasure to a woman with your tongue, and the concept of coreplay versus foreplay.

I’m a 25-year-old single dude in NYC and I’ve had some embarrassing sexual experiences. Sometimes it’s tough to find an outlet to talk about topics like this, which is why I’m grateful that Dr. Kerner could shed some light on how to navigate the cunnilingus department. I can personally attest that techniques and mindsets in She Comes First work and I encourage you to check it out and continue to educate yourselves sexually. Whether you are a straight man or a gay woman, or you just want to learn more about becoming a cunnilinguist and improving your clitoracy, this is the episode for you. Without further ado, here is our wide-ranging conversation with Dr. Ian Kerner.