Cole Cuchna (Host of Dissect)

On to this week’s episode. This time Cole Cuchna, host of the Dissect podcast, sat down with us. Dissect is one of the most popular podcasts out there today. In Cole’s words, “Dissect picks one album per season and analyzes one song per episode, measure by measure, word by word.

Last year, Dissect got picked up by Spotify and Cole know makes a living off of creating the show, which puts him in an elite group of podcasters. But that was far from the case at the start of Dissect. Cole started the first season with Kendrick Lamar in his basement, while caring for a family, and working full time as the creative director of a coffee shop. He somehow managed to spend 20 hours on each episode to get it just right. 20 hours for the love of the podcast, on each episode, everything himself, and he had no idea how big this would become.

I am a regular listener of the Dissect podcast and it was an honor to speak with Cole for over an hour. It is not an exaggeration to say that he is changing the culture. As someone who makes a living off of doing what he loves, Cole is someone that I look up to and I’m grateful that we had this conversation. I hope that this episode can add a little bit to your perspective and without further ado, here is our wide-ranging conversation with Cole Cuchna.