This week, we sat down with multi-instrumentalist and producer, filous. He hails from Vienna, Austria and started playing music at only 10 years old. On tour, he plays the harmonica, piano, acoustic and electric guitar, and even started learning an instrument called the “onde magnetique,” which is cassette taped based. Early on, he played in metal bands, got into jazz, and eventually tested his hand at electronic remixes. His remix for ‘Coming Over’ by James Hersey, has north of 50 million streams on Spotify.

Filous continues to add to his repertoire with original tracks like ‘Bicycle’ and ‘All My Friends are Rich.’ In this conversation, we talk about a lot of things that are important, even outside of music, so I encourage you to listen to it in its entirety. We discuss Filous’ techno Grandma, what we would do with our ‘rich friends,’ getting too high, the collaborative process, Ted Talks, and more. Without further damage to your eardrums, here is our wide-ranging conversation with filous.