Kevin Garrett

This week, we sat down with Kevin Garrett (@kevinogarrett), a singer-songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a Grammy award nominated artist, a multi-instrumentalist, and someone who makes some of the most intimate, powerful sounds I’ve heard. He’s also a funny guy, even though he’ll probably tell you that he’s not, and he made an appearance on the comedy production series ‘Funny or Die,’ back in 2017.

He just dropped an album called ‘HOAX,’ which stands for Hell of a Heartbreak. I listened to it straight through while I was walking to and from Trader Joe’s a couple of weeks ago. I went to Trader Joe’s for some eggs and chicken and ended up leaving with 6 bottles of merlot and 10 tissue boxes. That’s the power of Kevin Garrett. I was probably still a couple of bottles short.

In this conversation, we spoke about Kevin’s early memories of Pittsburgh, his approach to songwriting, meeting Beyonce, the inspirations behind HOAX, and more. Recently, I was lucky enough to be invited to watch Kevin perform a few songs off of HOAX at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC. In his own words during the performance, Kevin said, there will be “no hits tonight,” only new stuff. Well, I think time will definitely bring multiple hits out of this album, and I’m truly grateful for the sounds he’s brought into this world. So without further ado, here is our deep and wide-ranging conversation with Kevin Garrett.