This week, we sat down with A R I Z O N A, the band not the state. A R I Z O N A would want me to tell you that they’re just three normal guys, Zach, Nate, and David, who make music as a medium to connect with people. All three grew up in New Jersey, and as you’ll soon learn, there is a very important distinction between North Jersey and The Southern part of the state.

Early on, Zach, Nate, and David broke into the industry as songwriters and producers, making music for other artists, a more of a behind the scenes day-to-day. Somewhere along that line, the guys hit a low point in production and were considering getting full-time jobs outside of music. In the depths of that dark place, they made a song called ‘Let Me Touch Your Fire.’ They didn’t mean for it to turn into anything, but the people responded and all of a sudden they found themselves on the other side of the glass. In Zach’s words “we got home and decided to make something with no bounds, requirements, goals, or marks. We just wanted to create for the sake of creating.”

In this episode, the band dives into mentality behind their creative process, how they dug themselves out of that dark place, building a makeshift studio in a Toyota Corolla, Touring with Panic! at the Disco, the realities of being full-time music artists, and more. So Let us touch your fire with this episode as we take you into the story behind the music.