Goody Grace

This week, we sat down with Goody Grace at Auxoro HQ in Brooklyn before Goody's show at Baby's All Right later that night. Before I had even started Auxoro, a friend played me 'Two Shots' by Goody Grace in the car a few years ago. I've been an avid listener ever since and I'm glad we had the chance to have this conversation.

Goody Grace hails from the Western Canadian province of Manitoba and moved to LA as a teenager. He embodies a unique ensemble, often wearing black, tucking t-shirts into jeans, and stays true to his style. In this episode, Goody speaks on his creative process, traveling with friend and fellow artist Gnash to play shows throughout the West Coast, his bond with Jesse Rutherford, The Shape of Water, and covering Johnny Cash. We hope you enjoy this conversation and don't forget to check out Goody Grace on Spotify, Apple Music, and any other streaming platform you may use. Thank you for listening.