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What we do:

Auxoro is a media platform that brings you face to face with music artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, doctors, designers, and other interesting humans to dive into the story beyond the surface. No bullshit Q&A’s. No answers you can find in a wikipedia bio. We talk about the things you want to know most: creative process, inspirations, rock bottom, drugs, anxieties, money, depression, self-doubt, sexuality - the moments that matter. Take the journey with us as we explore the powerful stories rooted in the human experience. We host a podcast, write articles, post vlogs, and release the coolest newsletter on Earth.

Who we are:

Zach Grossfeld - CEO, Founder

Matthew Grossfeld - Creative Director, Audio Engineer

Thomas Clark - Videographer, Vlog Editor

How did Auxoro start?

Auxoro started on the couch of the University of Richmond baseball house back in 2016. Zach Grossfeld, the founder of Auxoro and pitcher on the Richmond baseball, was coming off of elbow surgery with too many pain pills and free time on his hands. Zach started cold calling/emailing his favorite music artists to write articles about them. After dozens of no’s & blow offs, Zach finally linked up with a DJ duo named Two Friends and published the first article. In the summer of 2018, the blog morphed into a podcast and Zach found himself sitting across from Wyclef Jean two episodes deep. Thanks Clef. Now, Auxoro has a vlog which means Zach can stare at his hair digitally, as well as in car windows.

How is Auxoro funded?

Auxoro is an entirely independent platform funded mostly by Zach’s pockets, along with a few donations by fans of the platform. If you’d like to offer some support, click this link here to slide us some guap.

How can you pitch an article?

Send an idea for an article or a completed article draft to Due to the volume of submissions we receive, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a reply to every email.

How can you pitch a podcast?

If you’d like to appear on our podcast or know someone who’d be a good fit, you can send a pitch to

How can you advertise on The Auxoro Podcast?

If you’re interested in advertising on the Auxoro Podcast please send us an email to