This week, we sat down with gnash, a recording artist from Los Angeles who burst onto the scene with the smash hit 'i hate you, i love you' featuring Olivia O'Brien. We spoke about the finer details of meditation, gnash's songwriting process, making music for dogs, his latest single 'dear insecurity,' and other intimate topics. Thank you to the team over at Atlantic Records for setting up this interview. It was an honor to record this at Atlantic's home base in NYC. As always, I hope you can gain a new perspective from this conversation, and please let us know what you think. Hit us up on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or you can reach out to us directly at


This week, we sat down with FRND, an artist who bridges the gap between the pop-punk and electronic realms. Working with talents like Demi Lovato, Blackbear, Lauv, and Celine Dion, FRND built a strong foundation as a songwriter before releasing music as a solo artist. On this episode, we explore FRND's pop-punk roots, the realities of songwriting, the inspiration behind the koala, and his latest release 'Before U I Didn't Exist.' Make sure you stay tuned until the end for an acoustic performance of 'Before U I Didn't Exist' by FRND. I definitely gained a deeper insight into the emotional aspects of making music, and I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Anthony Russo

We sat down with Anthony Russo in the mezzanine section of the iconic Radio City Music Hall in NYC. As soon as we shook hands, I could feel an authentic, hungry energy from Anthony. The night we recorded this episode, Anthony would be taking this historic stage to open for G-Eazy. You can hear the vibrations from G-Eazy's soundcheck as Anthony and I dive into intricate aspects of tour life, songwriting, the creative process, and other meaningful topics. 

What does it feel like to be in the midst of writer's block? What was running through Anthony's body the moment he shook G-Eazy's hand less than 24 hours after moving out to LA? What the fuck does 'sodash' mean?!? We take you through it right now on Auxoro: The Voice Of Music Artists. 

A special thank you to Anthony Russo, his family, the management team, and the fine folks at Radio City for making this podcast possible. We hope you enjoy this conversation and come away with a different perspective. 


We sat down with Lights in the backstage bar of The Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA. Lights walked in with a comfortable, charismatic energy that made me feel at home right away. We dove into the creative process behind crafting the comic book Skin & Earth from scratch, why you shouldn't always wait for inspiration to inspire action, preparing for an apocalypse, and Lights becoming a mother to her beautiful daughter Rocket Wild. I love approaching conversations like this with an open mind. Through intimate details of her life, Lights strengthened my perspective on a variety of topics and taught me a few things as well (If you're in a parking garage during an earthquake, don't stay in your car).