Lil Aaron (part 1)

This week, we sat down with an artist who considers himself a non-conformist in the music industry, Lil Aaron. Most people know Lil Aaron as the party-hard, pop-punk, green-haired misfit, but that's only one side. Growing up in Goshen, Indiana, Lil Aaron lived the realities of moving broke out to LA. He pushed past the point where most give up and has spent thousands of hours honing his craft. Down to earth and devoid of genre constraints, Lil Aaron blends musical elements in a way we've never experienced before. I hope you enjoy part one of this conversation and gain new insight from Aaron's perspective. 

Youth Basketball (Ian Kieffer)

This time, we sat down with Ian Kieffer of the LA-based duo Youth Basketball. Youth Basketball is the project of brothers, Ian and Geordie Kieffer, who grew up on everything from 70's singer-songwriter to 90's hip-hop. In this conversation with Ian, we dove into the process of producing the first album, the power of slo-mo, that "fuck it" moment, and much more. Also, Ian writes for one of the largest comedy channels on YouTube. That's right, he is the white Donald Glover, Childish Kieffer. The day before this podcast release, Youth Basketball just put out a self-titled EP which you can stream on Spotify or wherever you listen to music. Please do. I hope you enjoy this conversation let us know what you think!

Goody Grace

This week, we sat down with Goody Grace at Auxoro HQ in Brooklyn before Goody's show at Baby's All Right later that night. Before I had even started Auxoro, a friend played me 'Two Shots' by Goody Grace in the car a few years ago. I've been an avid listener ever since and I'm glad we had the chance to have this conversation.

Goody Grace hails from the Western Canadian province of Manitoba and moved to LA as a teenager. He embodies a unique ensemble, often wearing black, tucking t-shirts into jeans, and stays true to his style. In this episode, Goody speaks on his creative process, traveling with friend and fellow artist Gnash to play shows throughout the West Coast, his bond with Jesse Rutherford, The Shape of Water, and covering Johnny Cash. We hope you enjoy this conversation and don't forget to check out Goody Grace on Spotify, Apple Music, and any other streaming platform you may use. Thank you for listening.

Anthony Russo

We sat down with Anthony Russo in the mezzanine section of the iconic Radio City Music Hall in NYC. As soon as we shook hands, I could feel an authentic, hungry energy from Anthony. The night we recorded this episode, Anthony would be taking this historic stage to open for G-Eazy. You can hear the vibrations from G-Eazy's soundcheck as Anthony and I dive into intricate aspects of tour life, songwriting, the creative process, and other meaningful topics. 

What does it feel like to be in the midst of writer's block? What was running through Anthony's body the moment he shook G-Eazy's hand less than 24 hours after moving out to LA? What the fuck does 'sodash' mean?!? We take you through it right now on Auxoro: The Voice Of Music Artists. 

A special thank you to Anthony Russo, his family, the management team, and the fine folks at Radio City for making this podcast possible. We hope you enjoy this conversation and come away with a different perspective. 


We sat down with Lights in the backstage bar of The Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA. Lights walked in with a comfortable, charismatic energy that made me feel at home right away. We dove into the creative process behind crafting the comic book Skin & Earth from scratch, why you shouldn't always wait for inspiration to inspire action, preparing for an apocalypse, and Lights becoming a mother to her beautiful daughter Rocket Wild. I love approaching conversations like this with an open mind. Through intimate details of her life, Lights strengthened my perspective on a variety of topics and taught me a few things as well (If you're in a parking garage during an earthquake, don't stay in your car).

Wyclef Jean

We sat down with Wyclef Jean in the dressing room of the Wellmont Theatre in Montclair, NJ before the first show of the Carnival III tour. The room gave off a simple vibe with white walls, and we set up close around a small table. Wyclef spoke passionately about his background in battle rap, walking with legends like Biggie and Tupac, connecting to the younger generation, composing with the late Tim Berling (Avicii), and much more. Wyclef has adopted music as a way to survive and carries himself like it could be stripped away from him at any moment. This conversation left me with a deeper understanding of Wyclef's creative process and perspective. I hope you can also explore a different perspective within this episode. 

Mod Sun

We sat down with Mod Sun backstage at the Brooklyn Bazaar, who was on tour for his latest album 'BB.' In a cloudy room with graffiti-covered walls, Mod Sun spoke on his development as an artist, the power of saying "hello," crazy nights with Machine Gun Kelly, alternate realities, and much more. Mod believes being happy is a choice and chooses to see the happiness in every moment. I hope this conversation leaves you with a different perspective and a deeper look into the mind of Mod Sun.