On this week's episode of Auxoro: The Voice Of Music, we sat down with R.LUM.R. A man of many influences, he has explored sounds from Porter Robinson and Linkin Park to Fleet Foxes and Anita Baker. As R.LUM.R says, “No one exists who is not the sum of all of their influences.” And the journey of his artistry and influences is apparent in the music that he makes. What started on six strings has evolved into a beautiful synergy of the organic, the electronic and the soul. In this episode, we discuss the power of empathy, the cloak of genre, Super Rich Kids, the isolation of tour life, and more.


As a kid, alayna started singing alongside her father while he played the guitar. Together they performed at weddings, family gatherings, and even recorded a CD for alayna's grandparents. From releasing covers of Sam Smith to attending MAINZ (Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand), the now 25-year-old alayna is fresh off the release of her debut EP, Sweet Soul. For this project, she worked with renowned producers and songwriters like Stint, Finneas, and Astonomyy, and also released a live series from Roundhead Studios in New Zealand. On this episode we speak about the journey of creating the Sweet Soul EP, her skydiving exploits, the darker side of social media, and how traveling to unfamiliar places can help you find yourself.