On our latest podcast, we spoke with the producer/songwriter FINNEAS who is now making waves as a solo artist. In 2018, FINNEAS has released six single thus far, treating each song with its own story and carefully crafted cover art. He has also made music with talents like Khalid, Tori Kelly, Wafia, and of course, his sister Billie Eilish. In this article, we’ve taken a few of our favorite quotes from the podcast interview and broke them down.

Youth Basketball (Ian Kieffer)

This time, we sat down with Ian Kieffer of the LA-based duo Youth Basketball. Youth Basketball is the project of brothers, Ian and Geordie Kieffer, who grew up on everything from 70's singer-songwriter to 90's hip-hop. In this conversation with Ian, we dove into the process of producing the first album, the power of slo-mo, that "fuck it" moment, and much more. Also, Ian writes for one of the largest comedy channels on YouTube. That's right, he is the white Donald Glover, Childish Kieffer. The day before this podcast release, Youth Basketball just put out a self-titled EP which you can stream on Spotify or wherever you listen to music. Please do. I hope you enjoy this conversation let us know what you think!