This week, we sat down with the Seattle-based rapper Sol. During his time at the University of Washington, he was awarded the Bonderman Scholarship which allowed Sol to travel to 10 countries in 10 months. One of the requirements of this trip was that he had to go alone. At the time, Sol sat at #1 on the iTunes Hip Hop charts and #4 globally after the release of Yours Truly, then decided to drop off the map. When most would look to do anything to capitalize financially and socially on an album’s success, Sol saw it more important to find himself.

In this episode, Sol talks about the impact of this ten-month journey, how he actually started as a painter before music, his relationship with Macklemore, a pivotal conversation with his Aunt, studying under Seattle Legend Isaac Meek, and the creative process behind his most recent album that just dropped March 1st, Soon Enough. Even if you aren’t an avid listener to Sol or music in general, I highly recommend you listen through this conversation. This talk was more than music. Sol drops some unique insight on crafting the vision of an independent artist, understanding different cultures, and why your definition of success should not be defined by the mainstream. Without further ado, here is our wide-ranging conversation with Sol.

Lil Aaron (part 1)

This week, we sat down with an artist who considers himself a non-conformist in the music industry, Lil Aaron. Most people know Lil Aaron as the party-hard, pop-punk, green-haired misfit, but that's only one side. Growing up in Goshen, Indiana, Lil Aaron lived the realities of moving broke out to LA. He pushed past the point where most give up and has spent thousands of hours honing his craft. Down to earth and devoid of genre constraints, Lil Aaron blends musical elements in a way we've never experienced before. I hope you enjoy part one of this conversation and gain new insight from Aaron's perspective. 

Wyclef Jean

We sat down with Wyclef Jean in the dressing room of the Wellmont Theatre in Montclair, NJ before the first show of the Carnival III tour. The room gave off a simple vibe with white walls, and we set up close around a small table. Wyclef spoke passionately about his background in battle rap, walking with legends like Biggie and Tupac, connecting to the younger generation, composing with the late Tim Berling (Avicii), and much more. Wyclef has adopted music as a way to survive and carries himself like it could be stripped away from him at any moment. This conversation left me with a deeper understanding of Wyclef's creative process and perspective. I hope you can also explore a different perspective within this episode. 

Mod Sun

We sat down with Mod Sun backstage at the Brooklyn Bazaar, who was on tour for his latest album 'BB.' In a cloudy room with graffiti-covered walls, Mod Sun spoke on his development as an artist, the power of saying "hello," crazy nights with Machine Gun Kelly, alternate realities, and much more. Mod believes being happy is a choice and chooses to see the happiness in every moment. I hope this conversation leaves you with a different perspective and a deeper look into the mind of Mod Sun.